About Us

We are a group of growers/exporters of fruit located in the most important citrus growing areas of Spain. With most of our production located in the South of Spain, in Andalucía.

As a group we produce the entire range of citrus fruits within our product range: oranges, lemons, and grapefruit. Furthermore we also grow stone fruits and melons in the summer season.

Our objective as a group is to offer the widest range possible of citrus without affecting and always maintaining the high quality standards our customers require. Joining our efforts and our productions we are able to offer a considerable volume of product which is especially important for our supemarket clients who expect high service levels from us.

We work with some of the largest retailers in The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany, which gives us great experience in delivering to supermarkets.

At AGP we are focussed on customer service, both before and after the purchase has been done. Our sales team is made up of professionals from the fresh produce world which enables us to reach our main goal: customer satisfaction.